Connect multiple Twitter accounts

Every time you sign up or log in to Typefully with a different Twitter account, we create a new Typefully User that is associated 1-to-1 with that Twitter account.

A Typefully user can, in turn, connect multiple Twitter accounts if on a paid plan with multiple accounts support. These connected accounts are separate from users that signed up before using the same Twitter login, so drafts are not synced automatically between the two, being in two different workspaces.

Read on to understand better how this works:

I sign up to Typefully with my Twitter account 💁‍♂️@linuz90. I start creating drafts and tweeting.


I also sign up to Typefully with my account ✍️@typefully, for one of my businesses. I also create some drafts but then realize I want to centralize everything.


I log back in as 💁‍♂️@linuz90, and I upgrade to a plan that supports multiple accounts.

Then I click on “Add account” 1️⃣, authenticate as ✍️@typefully, and find it among my connected account 2️⃣.


I can now switch to ✍️@typefully directly from the accounts menu, but I don’t see its drafts!


This is because, as explained above, Typefully users are sandboxed by default. If you log in again with ✍️@typefully, you’ll see its draft.

You need to ask us to import the drafts into your 💁‍♂️@linuz90 Typefully user so that you’ll find them when you switch to ✍️@typefully.

This also applies to the Team plan. You can log in as 💁‍♂️@linuz90 and upgrade to the Team plan to unlock

. You can add team members, and they’ll see the drafts that you see in your accounts.


If you have specific needs regarding connecting accounts, importing drafts, or collaborating, please let us know by clicking on “Get Help” inside the app.