Collaboration in Typefully

Collaboration in Typefully

You can create a team in Typefully for your company, or you can create multiple teams for your clients.

Read on to discover how to do it.


To use the new collaboration features, you need to upgrade to the new Team plan.

Click on the upgrade button within Typefully or visit the billing settings.

Currently the Team plan has a flat pricing of:

  • $39/month with yearly billing ($468 billed yearly)
  • $49/month with monthly billing

How it works

Once you upgrade, all the Twitter accounts you connect to Typefully benefit from Pro features. But you’ll need to create a Team to enjoy collaboration.

💫 Create team and share accounts

To create a team:

  • Make sure you’re on the Team plan
  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner of the app
  • Click on Create team
You can create as many teams as you want. For example if you manage more clients, you can create a team for each client, and only share the relevant Twitter account with each client.

📬 Invite your teammates

You can create invite links that you can send to anyone to join your Typefully team.

Someone that received your invite link needs to log in to Typefully for free with their peronal Twitter account to accept the invite.

✅ Accept an invite

When you receive a Typefully invite link, you can accept it within Typefully to instantly gain access to any team shared accounts.

✍️ Editing

While a team member edits a draft, that draft is locked and other people won’t be able to edit it at the same time, to prevent conflicts.

Real-time collaborative editing will come in the future.

🚦 Permissions

While you create an invite, or even after it’s accepted, you can set permissions for any member of the team.

  • Read only. They’ll only be able to view the content of the team accounts.
  • Write. They’ll be able to create and edit drafts.
  • Write & Publish. They’ll be able to also schedule, publish, and manage the Typefully Profile as well.
  • Admin. They’ll also be able to manage the team and invite other people.

⚡️ Real-time collaborative editing

More collaborative features will come in the future. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by clicking on your avatar in Typefully and then Help.