Why do my threads appear broken?

There are various reasons why your threads might appear “broken.”

  • For example, when visiting your Twitter profile, you might see the latest tweets first, then the first, then the others.
    • This is not an issue with Typefully: unfortunately we discovered that Twitter sometimes “breaks” threads on users profiles if they’re longer than 14 tweets. Don’t worry though: when clicking on any tweet, it will be possible to read the thread normally, and it won’t appear broken on people’s timelines. It’s just a visualization issue on profiles.
  • When opening your published thread on Twitter, you might also see that it stops at a certain tweet, for example the ninth or tenth tweet.
    • This is also not an issue with Typefully: Twitter just takes some time to process threads correctly, so you might just need to wait a few minutes or even hours in some case, before Twitter picks up the thread correctly.

Don’t worry, most people will be able to read your thread just fine. This is how your thread will look to them: