Typefully Accounts FAQ

Typefully Accounts FAQ

Publishing on a single Twitter account

As soon as you log in with Typefully, you’ll be able to write, schedule, and publish on the Twitter account you used to log in. No other step is required.

Publishing on other Twitter accounts

Required plan: Creator.

If you want to schedule and publish on other Twitter accounts, you can simply click on Add Twitter account and connect them.

Collaborating with other people

Required plan: Team.

If you want just to share a draft to get some feedback, check out this page:


If you want to collaborate with other people, you should first create a team:


Then add the Twitter accounts you want to collaborate on to that team (or connect new ones):

→ If you don’t have the Twitter credentials of the accounts where you want to publish and collaborate, you can invite the person who does as an Admin to the team, so they can add that account to the team.

In this example, I’ve invited Francesco as an Admin and he can connect other Twitter accounts to the team:


From the same Manage Team interface, you can invite other people to join the team with their own Typefully accounts and different permissions.

It’s important to notice that you don’t need anyone’s Twitter credentials to collaborate — simply create send invites so they can log in to Typefully and join the team.

You and your teammates will only be able to schedule and publish on the accounts that you (or any team admin) have explicitly added to the team.

To learn more, check out


Publishing on my clients’ Twitter accounts

Required plan: Agency.

If you’re a ghostwriter or you run an agency, Typefully will perfectly suit your needs.

Once you upgrade to our Agency plan, you can create as many teams as you want.

We recommend doing this for each client:

  • Create a team and write the client name as the Team name
  • In the Invite Members screen, invite the client with an Admin role
  • You can tell the client that, since they have an Admin role, they can accept the invite by logging in with the Twitter account you intend to write and publish
  • If the client needs you to handle multiple Twitter accounts, they’ll be able to connect more accounts to the team as well

That’s it! The client will only see the team and their own Twitter account inside it.

Still have doubts or questions?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know, we’ll reply as fast as we can.